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About Us

Soch Automation And Power Solution as a OEM manufacturer of well-known brand sensors in European American, for many years has always been committed to the production, research and development for industrial Automation in the field of Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric proximity sensors and other industrial Automation products.
With product development and production being in strict accordance with the IEC international standards to design and control, advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment, gathering high-tech talent with rich sensor experience, product go through the strict EMC electromagnetic compatibility, IP protection grade, vibration impact, high and low temoerature and other international test standard and through European Union CE certification and ROHS testing, Now the company has dozens of series, thousands of different kinds specification function productions. Products are used all over the world in aerospace, railway, port, metallurgy, mining, machine tools, textile, elevator, petrochemical industry, printing, packing, Food, construction, AUTOMOTION and other industries.
To provide international standard variety proximity sensor and comprehensive quick technical service support is our service tenet.


We Offer Services


  • Expertise in almost all major industrial Automation software products and communication technologies.
  • Allen-Bradley, rockwell Software, Schneider PLC & Drive, Siemens PLC & Drives, Automation reporting services, YODOGAWA, Motorola.
  • Preventive maintenance services - Regularly scheduled maintenance for your Automation and related equipment to prevent potential problems and extend component / system life.
  • Service & repair maintenance of Cooling Towers and water & waste water.
  • Service & repair all type of UPS, Invertor, Servo Stabilizer & HMI


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About Panels and services


Fully Detailed Panel Layouts & general assembly, Wiring Schematics, Bill of Materials, Full Safety Schematics, PLC I/O Schematics, Termination & I/O Schedules , MCC exclusively from standardized and fully Type tested switchboards and components customized to suit your requirements

Electrical - Supply, Erection, Testing and commissioning and Modifications to existing electrical installations.

  • Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of various electrical equipment's viz. H.T. & L.T. Switchgear Panels, L.V. Motor Control Centres, L.T. motors, UPS Monitoring systems, Power and distribution transactions
  • Supply, Laying, Testing and Commissioning of various types of cables and Cable Trays
  • Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of L.T. various speed drive panels
  • Electrical works for commissioning and pre-commissioning activities

Supply, Erection, Testing, Pre-commissioning and commissioning to existing instrumentation Installations.

  • Supply, erection, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of various Instrumentation equipment's on a miscellany of projects
  • Field and Panel Instruments
  • PLC Panels
  • Testing and Calibration Instruments
  • Control Panels
  • Safety Instruments and Systems
  • Fire Detection, Alarm and Control System
  • Industrial Communication and Paging Systems
  • Power, Control, Signal & Communication Cables and Cable Trays

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Jobs opportunity and recruitment process

Jobs at Soch Automation and Power Solution are not just jobs, but a promise of a bright career. SAPS provides ample opportunities to grow within the company technically as well as, as a technocrat by promoting intraprenuership. We are a place which defines Integrity, Innovation and Serenity. SAPS provides you a better platform that translates an individual into experienced and immensely skilled professional through ethical and vibrant business environment. We are here for effective client servicing, taking care of our employees’s needs and creating a success story to remember.

We strongly recommend that before applying, you spend a few minutes understanding our recruitment process.

If you search about Saps Recruitment Process, written exam and interview questions over the net, chances are, you are going to be really confused about how do we hire and what all things we look for in a candidate. Instead of referring to those gossips, hear it from Horses Mouth (and hence the profile pic!). Let us explain, how do we go about recruitment, so that you are better informed and better prepared for Saps Recruitment Process. For non-engineering positions, our process is way different.

Eligibility Criterion

None actually. We do not reject people on the basis of academics and never will. Engineering is a lot more complex field. Aptitude and ability to adapt are 2 key areas that formal education completely misses out on capturing in the mark sheet. And we understand that really well. We have seen any number of people, with average academics, flourishing with us and then we have seen enough people with great academics, floundering with us big time. Do not worry on eligibility front and simply apply to see how it goes.

How do you apply for a job at Saps?

Well, it is fairly simple actually and there are multiple options. Here are the avenues that we have been using to reach out to top talent of India.

  • If for some reason, you are not inclined to create another account, drop us an email at along with your resume. This email would initiate a review of your resume and if you get shortlisted, we would create your account on our portal and send you a mail with credentials of the portal.
  • Don’t they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed? If you have a friend working with us, please ask him to refer you. We have an internal mailing list that your friend can use to mail your resume to us. And yes, there is a robust referral benefits program in place, that applies for fresher as well as lateral hires. And if you do get selected, make sure you get a party from that referral bonus 🙂
  • TechStar is our flagship technical event that we intend to conduct every alternate year. We have hired a bunch of people through this widespread event in which we ask people to code and then invite them for in person interviews in our premises.
  • And yes, we do post on Naukri, Indeed, Shine and a bunch of other social networking websites. You can apply from there as well.

And as we want to keep our recruitment process uncluttered and transparent, we do not have any tie ups with any consultancies or recruitment agencies.

Written Exam

After you have applied, you would get an invitation email from us for written exam, if your resume is shortlisted. We consider 3+ years experienced guys as lateral and <3 years experience guys as freshers. Written invite is sent only to the fresher level applicants. If you are at lateral level, you would be getting a direct interview invitation, if your profile is short listed.


We would be requesting your salary slips and then sending you offer letters after considering your notice period. Note that requesting your salary slip does not mean that we would be sending you an offer letter.

Off Campus Freshers

You would get an offer of intent along with clearly delineated salary structure. This is an invitation for you to join our free 4 weeks long training program. In this 4 weeks program, you would be going through 20+ learning sessions, 3 exams and daily assignments. Once you clear this program, you come on company pay roll.

On Campus Freshers

If you have been selected through our on campus program, you are on our payroll from the first day. You would still go through the training program that is designed for better induction of fresher that is mentioned above.

Important Points

Few things that you should note:

  • Keep checking the portal to stay updated about your application status. We update the statuses very frequently.
  • We believe that none of us studied in our engineering, at least from the 3rd semester onwards. I know for sure that i did not study at all. At the same time, we all had something in us to get through those tough entrance exams. This is why, we have this unusual (and may i add baffling) thrust on basics plus first year of Engineering curriculum.
  • Out of all the applications that we receive, we end up hiring <1%. Your non selection in our recruitment process is by no means a comment on your capabilities. We are sure that you are a rockstar in making but it is just that we would not be able to work with you, at this point of time. And yes, we do realize that may be we missed out an awesome engineer by not selecting you but then all of us make mistakes, right?
  • We also expect you to judge us while you are going through our interview process. You should be constantly asking, do you want to work with people like us? Would you really enjoy working with us? We have intentionally got people from varied experience levels in our interview panel so that you get to know the entire spectrum of people with whom you would be working on daily basis.
  • If you are not selected in the first try, feel free to apply after cooling off period of 3 months and we would be happy to take a look at your candidature again. Some of the key people with us got rejected in their first interviews and then next time they improved and have been owning big pieces in company.
  • We like people who are driven, who have desire to learn new technologies and people who love solving tricky problems. As we keep working on new age technologies, it is imperative that you have knack for technology in general.
  • And please don’t be robotic and formal in your interactions. When you are in our premises, be relaxed. We want to meet real you and see if we all can work together to build an even more awesome organization.

We are looking forward to see you become part of this awesome organization. And even if that does not happen, interacting with an engineer is always a fun! 🙂

Keep rocking!

Meet The Team

Rahul Kishore Raj

Rahul Kishore Raj

Founder,Automation Engineer
Bhim Singh

Bhim Singh

Mechanical Engineer
Dheeraj Kumar

Dheeraj Kumar

Full Stack Developer,Technical Advisor

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